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To buy domestic flight ticket of China mainland, please read the following notice first:

1. Total cost of the flight ticket must be paid to our Paypal as soon as you decide. Our Paypal can only accept US dollars. The final amount in USD should be accorded with our calculation because Paypal will take transaction and service fees.

2. As there are a lot of flights of different air companies flying between two cities, and the price might change in every hour, we will follow the final price when we buy the ticket. Tickets that has a discount of economy class CAN NOT be changed. If you would like to change the date or cancel the trip, you have to cancel the ticket (in this case, ONLY the Airport Fee and Tax are refundable) and buy a new one. Please buy a ticket of economy class without discount, business class, or first class if you would like to be more flexible. We will follow the changing and cancellation policy issued by certain air company. Please check our refund policy in Terms & Conditions.

3. Quoting by E-mail, we will calculate and notify you of the final amount in USD considering that Paypal will charge related transaction and bank service fees.

4. For domestic flight, you don’t need a physical flight ticket. We’ll send you the ticket information by E-mail or E-ticket once we have bought the ticket for you successfully.

5. We will send you our Paypal account once you have submitted this request.